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About Me

— Jessica Spence, M.Couns., Grad. Dip Psych, Grad Dip Psych (Adv.), Hatha and Trauma Conscious yoga teacher
Welcome! My name is Jess, and I am a specialist trauma therapist, counsellor, bellydancer and yoga teacher living in the beautiful Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia. As a dancer and dance teacher, I am particularly interested in how we can teach students in a trauma-conscious, supportive, and encouraging way. I believe that many of us carry unhealed wounds which continue to affect us in multiple ways - emotionally, physically, and psychologically. I have designed tailor made content for movement teachers (yoga, martial arts, dance etc) in areas like managing issues that arise with students, encouaging diversity in classes, and teaching in a trauma-conscious manner. I also offer trauma-conscious content designed specifically for movement students. Examining issues like imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and stage fright, these courses address specific issues and provide education and tips on how to overcome them. As well as live workshops and sessions, I have pre-recorded video content available, to access at your convenience whenever or wherever you like. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Gift yourself healing

Multiple studies have identified Trauma Conscious Yoga as an extremely effective complementary treatment for complex trauma and PTSD. An exciting new healing modality, Trauma Conscious Yoga combines very simple yoga poses, breath work, meditation, and somatic exercises to work with an over-activated nervous system. All poses are accessible in chairs also. This 4 week series is ideal to see if Trauma Conscious Yoga is right for you! Sessions are pre-recorded for you to access at your convenience

Unleash your full potential as a performer

Are you a performer wanting to ✅️Step confidently on stages instead of nervously ✅️Enjoy performing without the nervous anticipation ✅️Banish imposter syndrome ✅️Manage stage fright and anxiety Learn from a trained trauma therapist and counsellor how and why these brain barriers occur, and gain a practical tool box to help manage and mitigate them. Through a combination of education and practical exercises, we will shed some light on these common issues and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our performance practise. Part of the Breaking Brain Barriers series


Breaking Brain Barriers: Performer Edition is a fantastic program that made me feel armed with knowledge and not only empowered to take on the challenge of performing, but freer to enjoy the experience as well. I now understand better what is going on in my body and mind when I perform, and I have some great practical tools to work... Read More